A snippet of what we sound like to whet your appetite…

Outathablues follows in this Blues tradition:  from the earliest days,  through street corners , barrel houses and hokum, to ‘when I woke up this morning!’  we  play some familiar - and many less well known - blues to entertain you.

Songs  that tell stories and are somehow Infectious…..

“The Blues was singers’ music. It spawned great guitarists, great pianists, and a complete reinvention of the harmonica, but blues was not about any fancy instrumental work. …it was about telling stories that reflected people’s day to day experiences, sharing their troubles and celebrating their pleasures.”  


… they engage audiences, enticing them listen, tap their feet, nod their heads, laugh, smile, get up and dance  -

or even sing along to the chorus of an early Hokum  Blues

they have never heard before!

Our weapons of choice include:

 Male and female vocals, Bass, Drums   Guitars, Cigar box guitar,  Dobro,      Mandolin,  Harmonica, & Washboard !

You really do the Blues justice, both with your playing, your feel and your respect.

John Morrow ,July 2013 ,

Dereham Blues Festival

Fun and entertaining,   ... but not too loud!

Our extensive repertoire of blues means  we can tailor the set list to suit the venue/event being played.

 Elijah Wood ;   Escaping the delta; p216