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My Daddy Rocks me

Ice-cream man

Never going back to Memphis

If you don’t start drinking

Sitting on top of the World

Treats your daughter mean

Sporting life blues

Blues is my business

Deep Elem Blues

Don’t start the car

White freightliner blues

 Ride and roll

Hard time killing floor

Strung out, drunk & busted

Why don’t you do right

Can’t let go

Long handled shovel
Black rat swing

Spinach song

Richland Woman Blues

Press my button

I got trouble

Step it up and go


Come on in, the

whisky’s fine


Farm relief Blues

Tom cat/hound dog

Georgia Grind

Back back train

Blue papa

Hittin’ on nothing

Death letter

29 ways

“ Gosh! where did you dig the material up from?       Did your parents  sit on the porch of a wooden cabin in a rocking chair playing a five string banjo somewhere in the Mississippi Delta?  -  brilliant stuff ”             


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Jim Steele